Toner for your printer. Is it worth buying replacements?

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Looking for the right laser printer for the office or for private use, we check many parameters. Price, efficiency, additional features. We should check one more important aspect – the availability of toners.

Toner is a part of a laser printer or a photocopier which is responsible for the possibility of obtaining an image. In simplest terms, a toner cartridge is a cartridge containing a colored powder, thanks to which we obtain a printout or a photocopy. Unfortunately, it is an element that needs to be replaced once in a while to make up for the lack of “ink” in the device.

Original toner or its substitute?

When choosing a toner cartridge, the price is important. There is no doubt that for an original, manufacturer-designated device, we will pay slightly more than for a substitute. There are substitutes of various quality available on the market. Deciding on good quality options, we may not even recognize whether there is a replacement or an original in the device. The difference will be felt in your wallet. Toner cartridges can be even half cheaper than the branded versions.

It is also important to take care of the lifespan of printing and copying devices. Original toner guarantees compatibility, high quality printing and reduces the risk of equipment failure. When thinking about buying a replacement from this angle, it is worth looking for good quality products. Many substitutes are high-end products. They are made of good materials and sometimes even come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Their use should not affect the condition of equipment (its deterioration) and quality of printouts.

Kolorowe tonery do drukarki w domu
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Gate number 3 – toner remanufacturing

Wanting to avoid buying a new toner, you can opt for a third solution: remanufacturing it. This may sound a bit mysterious, but it simply means refilling it. It is a cost-effective and ecological solution. We don’t generate as much plastic and electro-waste. However, it is not a long term method. Long lasting and repeated regeneration destroys the toner. It can affect the quality of printout and increase the failure rate of printing and copying devices. As a result, after some time you will have to replace the toner with a new one anyway

Rational decisions

There is no universal advice for everyone when it comes to how to replenish toner. If the nature of our business requires high-quality printouts, which will be our business card, it is worth choosing the original toner or a high-quality equivalent. It is also worth paying attention to whether the warranty on the printing equipment requires the use of original toners.

Important note: the use of non-original toner cartridges is illegal. This results from the regulations included in the Council Directive 93/13/EEC of 05.04.1993, on unfair terms in consumer contracts. It is clear from the regulations that no authorized service center within the EU may refuse to repair or otherwise fulfill the warranty in connection with the use of non-original toner cartridges. We have to reckon with the fact that the dealership will probably insist on its own and the provisions of the warranty card of the device. However, if we want to fight for our own, the legal records will be on our side.

If as a company or a private user we count the costs, it is worth considering buying a replacement. It is a cost-effective solution and with the right choice also in terms of quality. Looking for replacements, it is worth deciding on certain brands and products covered by the guarantee.

If we have doubts which way to choose, it is best to advise experts. Professionals will assess our needs, financial capabilities and help choose the optimal solution.

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