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Technical handbook

How to design a voucher or loyalty card?

Vouchers and loyalty cards have great marketing potential. We suggest how to design them yourself.
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What will Adobe InDesign help you with?

What is the mysterious Adobe InDesign used for? For a bigger lick of things than you might think!
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How can print be refined?

Improve the quality and visual appeal of your prints! Here are some of the most popular methods.
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Book composition. What steps are necessary?

Are you interested in book composition? Learn this fascinating process step by step!
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Catalogs and brochures. How to design them?

What are the steps in creating a catalog and brochure? What should I pay special attention to? What mistakes to
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How does Scribus work and what do you need to know to get started?

A simple, free and multifunctional document composition program? The answer is Scribus.
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The most common printer problems – how to deal with them?

Paper jams, smudges on printouts, or strange noises? Find out what could be causing the printer to malfunction.
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Printing 28 July 2021

Poster printing – what paper and type of printing to choose?

Want to start selling your own posters or print advertising for your business? See which paper and printing technique to
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How to store paper so that it does not lose its quality?

Can improper paper storage affect paper quality? Yes, so check how to do it correctly!
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Printing 24 June 2021

The bokeh effect in photography. What is it and how to achieve it?

Many times you've seen beautiful photos with blurred backgrounds, but you can't achieve this effect? We suggest how to achieve
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