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Sugar cane packaging, a compostable alternative

The disposable packaging of tomorrow that is already on the market today. Sugar cane a viable alternative to plastic?
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Height adjustable carton for special tasks

Packaging to fit your shipment - see how height-adjustable cartons work.
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News 5 July 2021

New generation of PDF editor. It will be faster and more efficient!

Intuitive, fast and convenient solution from Esko. ArtPro+ will streamline the preparation of VDP orders.
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News 4 June 2021

BOBST open doors for the packaging industry. This year online

Open days for the packaging industry. Find out why you should virtually visit BOBST in just a few days!
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News 19 May 2021

Printing… from sand? It is possible!

3D printing in industry is finding more and more applications. Sand has also found application in 3D printing.
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News 22 April 2021

Safe paper. Innovation using microfibres

Is it possible to secure printed documents so that they do not fall into the wrong hands? New technology shows
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News 21 January 2021

How does packaging choice affect store image? Post-Christmas recapitulations

The rise of online shopping means the importance of packaging is on the rise. And how does this affect consumer
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News 3 September 2020

Packaging Innovations at the end of September!

Packaging Innovations is an important industry event and an opportunity to meet people for whom packaging is as important as
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