What is worth printing on product packaging?

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Labels placed on products are a very important marketing tool, but above all informational. The elements that should be included on the label are defined by the Polish and EU law. The most stringent regulations apply to food products, however there are some information that should be placed on every package, regardless of the type of product.

General information on labels

Every label placed on the package, regardless of the product, should contain information regarding what is inside and who produced the product. The label must therefore clearly state the name of the product, as well as the name and address of the company that produced it or the address of the importer.

The information on the label must be legible and easy to find. The customer must not be misled by unclear or erroneous product labeling. All labels must be written in Polish and have additional markings if required by law. A variety of packaging, on which all the necessary elements can be printed, can be found at https://betmor.pl/.

Labels on cosmetics

The following information should be placed on cosmetics:

– name and address of the company producing the cosmetic (or country of origin)

– quantity of the product in the package

– date of minimum durability and batch number

– PAO, or the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol for reusable products, which indicates the time during which the cosmetic can be used

– ingredients

– specific warnings, for example “flammable” or “not suitable for children under 3 years”.

Information found on cosmetics is important because it depends on them the correct use of the product by the consumer. The aforementioned Betmor company offers boxes for cosmetics not only in design, but also manufactured using the best technology.

Information on food products

Regulations regulate especially what should be on the labels of food products. Their packaging should contain information about the name of the product, list of ingredients, date of minimum durability or expiration date, and method of preparation. As in the case of cosmetics, it is also necessary to indicate the country or place of origin of the product and the net content or number of pieces. Food products are also printed with their storage conditions, production batch designation and nutritional value.

Label and packaging as part of marketing

Every product that is put on sale must have a label. Increasingly, manufacturers are using it as a marketing tool. Labels and packaging are printed with brand logos and are designed to be eye-catching.

The type of packaging is also important. An increasing number of companies are opting for eco-friendly boxes, which consumers are paying attention to. This is due to the growing popularity of pro-eco actions.

It is also worth designing your own labels. This will allow you to encourage customers to use specific products. An interesting design and catchy text can become a recognizable sign of the product and at the same time a very good marketing solution. This is a very effective form of product promotion, because your own labels give them an individual character. We have the opportunity to create a unique design, and this is appreciated by customers.

To sum up: apart from the obligatory information concerning the product, it is worth betting on interesting graphic solutions on labels. This will allow to attract the attention of customers. A good solution will be the use of colors that are associated with the product or the company, as well as placing the company’s logo on the label.

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