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Kraft paper. What is it and what can you use it for?

Wide possibilities of application make kraft paper very popular among buyers from various industries. What distinguishes this material?
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Eco-friendly paper, or what kind of paper?

Can paper be eco? Still how! Check out what we mean by eco-friendly paper.
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Self-copy prints indispensable in every company

Ever wondered how the other self-copying papers work? Check it out!
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Pigment, varnish and dye. What are the differences?

Pigment, dye and varnish. Learn about the substances that create the colors in our lives.
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Knowledge base 23 December 2021

Billboard paper, or blueback. What to use it for?

Looking for a durable and resistant paper for large format printing? Find out what Blue Back Side is.
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Knowledge base 16 December 2021

Ink vs toner. Here are the key differences

Pros and cons of cartridges. Toner or ink - which solution is better? We suggest!
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Useful reading: English dictionary of printing terms

Are you a student of printing or interested in contemporary printing? Here is a reading for you!
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Knowledge base 18 November 2021

Problems with printing? Paper wetting may be to blame

Paper is a highly hygroscopic material and can absorb or release water from its surroundings. Therefore, when problems with printing
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How do I publish a paperback book on Amazon?

Publishing your own book in paperback has never been so easy. Check out Amazon's offer!
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Sugar cane packaging, a compostable alternative

The disposable packaging of tomorrow that is already on the market today. Sugar cane a viable alternative to plastic?
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