• May 3, 2021
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The biggest advantages of duplex printing

The biggest advantages of duplex printing

Duplex printing is a feature that allows printers to automatically print a sheet of paper on both sides. Most printers can only automatically print on one side of a sheet of paper (simple printing).

How it works

Duplex printers use a special document feeder or component. This system works with software that allows the computer to print on both sides of the sheet.

Duplex printing is almost exclusively possible with duplex printers, although some classic printers can be upgraded to also have this feature.


Duplex printing has several obvious advantages. This printing mode is unbeatable, especially when it comes to saving paper. You can print documents double-sided and thus save 50 percent of paper compared to normal printing. Duplex printing can be extremely helpful, especially in the business sector. However, it is important to note that duplex printers are usually associated with higher purchase costs than regular printers. Also, is it worth buying a duplex printer for personal use? In principle, this question is difficult to answer.

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Duplex printing always makes sense where printer traffic can be described as moderate and ease of use is particularly important. If you only print documents double-sided a few times a month, manual double-sided printing is also an option – you don’t need a double-sided printer for that. However, a duplex printer is always a time saver!

In any case, double-sided printing is necessary if documents are to be bound. Duplex printing is an indispensable tool when designing brochures or small books. In this case, you need to set the printer parameters precisely so that no sheets of paper slip or are swapped at the paper output.

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