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Advertising 5 February 2021

Eco paper – what can you use it for?

Eco paper isn't just brown card or wrapping paper - it has much broader uses. Find out how to use
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Advertising 27 January 2021

Does paper advertising make sense in the digital age?

Read on and see why print advertising - despite the online solutions available - is still doing well
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Printing 20 January 2021

Multiloft – business cards with a rainbow

Who said that a business card must be boring, predictable and in subdued colors? Opt for an original solution!
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Printing 18 January 2021

What is a plotter and who can it be useful to?

Wondering what a plotter actually is, what it can be used for and in which industries it is essential? Read
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Artistic 13 January 2021

Photobook or photo-album? Similarities and differences

Photographs are souvenirs enchanted in frames. What is the best way to keep these memories and what to choose: a
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Printing 8 January 2021

3D pen. Toy for children or an interesting writing gadget?

3D pen - gadget for children or for adults? We answer and explain how this device works
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