Photobook or photo-album? Similarities and differences

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A picture is worth more than 1000 words. As cliché as that may sound, it captures reality extremely accurately. With the growing popularity of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, the number of photos shared daily is staggering. We like to share priceless moments captured in the frame with other users. That’s why photo books and photo albums are extremely popular. Get to know them a little better.

Elegant and durable photo albums

Photos for photo albums are printed on special photo paper, using advanced digital printing or the traditional photo development process. The photographer then mounts the prints by hand on sturdy boards. This creates flat pages that show panoramic images and designs. A photo-album has thicker, more durable pages that resist wear and tear. It also perfectly reflects the colors in the photos

Klasyczny album ze starymi zdjęciami
(Photo by Laura Fuhrman, source:

Covers are usually made by hand. They can be leather – from natural leather, artificial leather or linen. The cover can also take the form of a full-size photo. Photoalbums are very elegant and refined to the smallest detail, as each part is assembled by hand and the cover is tailored to the specific order. In this way, the photo-album can have any number of pages, depending on your needs.

What’s more, the photo-album is also durable due to the material used, the ordering process and its heavier weight. A well-made photo-album will look good even after many years, which is why it is perfect as a family album or wedding album to be passed on to future generations

A fashionable and stylish photo book

Przykład fotoksiążki
(Photo: Albuu Design de Álbuns, source:

Photos for photo books are printed double-sided on digital printers, on plain paper with a glossy or matte finish

The photo book can be decorated with a soft cover, hard cover or faux leather cover. Some designers also offer a cloth cover or one with a cut-out window for your photo. Most photo books have a limited number of pages. Most often, the pages are folded and then stapled or glued together. A photo book has thinner paper, so it is not as durable as the photo-album discussed above. After some time, the pages may bend or fall out.

Paper type and layout

One of the most obvious differences between a photo book and a photo album is the type of paper. With a photo book, your images are printed directly onto your choice of press paper (semi-matte, linen, matte or pearl), which will perform better than traditional printer paper. You can write on it, so a photo book often takes the form of a guest book, for example, which will be an interesting addition to your wedding or family anniversary. A photo-album, on the other hand, is made on photographic paper with a slight sheen and a coating that protects against UV rays.

Fotoksiążka ze zdjęciami dziecka
(Photo by Albuu Design de Álbuns, source:

The second feature that differentiates a photo book from a photo album is the opening method. Due to the thickness of the pages, a photo-album can be laid out “flat,” which makes it easier to view the images it contains. This is not possible with the photo book as the pages are joined together on the product spine.

Photobook or photo-album?

Now you know the similarities and differences between the photo book and photo-album. So you can decide in peace which option suits you better. If you want a large number of photos from an event, then opt for the photo album. If you like modern, original and personalised solutions, opt for a photo book. You can choose the cover, the type of paper and, of course, the photos inside

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