• July 29, 2021
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Sugar cane packaging, a compostable alternative

Sugar cane packaging, a compostable alternative

The fight against ubiquitous plastic continues. Recently, the catering industry has joined the game for a clean planet. Another alternative to single-use containers is cane take-out packaging.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not losing steam. Restaurants are still only serving food to go. We are preventing the spread of the virus, but at the same time we are producing gigantic amounts of plastic. Fortunately, more and more eco-friendly disposable packaging is coming on the market. Does sugar cane have a chance to win against plastic?

Biodegradable dishes made of waste

Ekologiczne opakowania na żywność
(Photo: Lourdes Balduque / Moment / Getty Images)

Sugar cane is used in the food industry to produce sugar. This plant is very easy to grow. First of all, it does not require frequent watering, which is another eco-friendly advantage – saving water resources. In addition, this grass yields up to several times a year. The packs are made of crushed sugar cane stalks and are fully compostable (in industrial composters). They decompose very quickly, the process taking about 45-65 days. If we add to this the fact that we obtain two goods at once: sugar and material for production of ecological packaging, we obtain a recipe for an ideal raw material.

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