How does packaging choice affect store image? Post-Christmas recapitulations

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According to experts at DS Smith, the increase in online shopping during the holiday season represents as much as 30,367 tons of unnecessary packaging and the emission of 1,800 additional tons of carbon dioxide.

Packaging matters

The extra cost and generation of more waste and pollution is due to ill-considered and poorly designed packaging that fits less in delivery trucks. This in turn means that up to 50,500 extra trips have to be made. What’s more, such packages are more likely to be damaged, and this has a huge impact on customers and can negatively impact the image of the store. In case of receiving a damaged package:

  • 42% of customers admitted that they would demand a free product replacement;
  • 48% would never use the retailer again;
  • 44% would ask for their money back.
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Delivery time is a consistently important factor. As many as 36% of respondents would cancel an order which arrived late. On the other hand, more and more consumers also pay attention to the environmental value of packaging – 27% consider it important that packaging is recyclable. Other research shows a significant increase in consumer awareness of this issue and interest in sustainable solutions.

DS Smith points out that the rise of online shopping is not just a passing trend and necessitates investing in sustainable e-commerce packaging for more than just the holidays

Research cited in the article:

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