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Despite the increasing use of electronic documents that are stored in the cloud, traditional printed documents are still an important channel for information transfer in companies and institutions. Unfortunately, they just as often become a channel for leaking sensitive information. It turns out that this can be prevented.

We are talking about a new technology that uses microfibers hidden in printing paper. It’s an innovation on a global scale and, so far, the only one of its kind

3 steps to data security

To fully protect printed information, 3 components are essential. The first is a special paper on which invisible magnetic microfibers are embedded. This paper is currently available in two popular formats (A3 and A4) and each of them additionally has two types, depending on the density of the fibres (high or low density)

The second is a suitable printer (or copier) that has a sensor. The third one is the so-called detection gate (similar to the one used in stores to protect goods against theft). It instantly detects the protected paper and alarms when it is moved through it. Interestingly, this also happens when the sheet is deformed, e.g. folded, cut or crumpled, or even inserted between other sheets of paper.

This is the only solution of its kind to protect printouts from being taken outside the designated area in a cost-effective way.

Paweł Wujcikowski, security expert and owner of Spy Shop
Stos dokumentacji
(source: Spy Shop)

Protection of excise labels

Interestingly, the system is also able to protect against counterfeit products. It is about introducing an additional security feature to the commonly used authentication methods, e.g. banderols and excise marks placed on alcohol, cigarettes or medicines

The use of a unique magnetic marker made of microfibers makes it practically impossible to forge such an excise mark
. Theoretically, this solution could be used to verify the originality of e.g. voter cards.

The magnetic protection embedded in paper, although invisible, can be easily detected with a special reader, thanks to which it will be possible to check the authenticity of products and, for example, their origin. The latter function should be of particular interest for offices, warehouses, wholesalers and stores

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