• July 5, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

New generation of PDF editor. It will be faster and more efficient!

New generation of PDF editor. It will be faster and more efficient!

ArtPro+ is the latest proposal in the field of PDF editors for prepress processes in the packaging and label sector from Esko!

The native PDF editor dedicated to the packaging and label sector has been enhanced with a new variable data printing module – VDP. It has also been fully integrated with Hell gravure printing equipment. ArtPro+ software provides automation of repetitive tasks. This will largely eliminate errors. The new generation of the prepress editor will allow you to work and fully edit PDF files. The improved ArtPro+ is also fully integrated with Hell devices.

Esko developed the new editor to meet the needs of the packaging industry. As the current sole provider of a variable data printing (VDP) solution to label and folding carton manufacturers, it was well aware of the pain points of professionals. Users were using Adobe Illustrator or PDF in the prepress process. While VDP jobs don’t take long to print, it did take time to prepare them correctly

Screen ze strony esko.com
(source: screen from esko.com website)

What will change with ArtPro+?

With the new ArtPro+, users can quickly convert any image file into a VDP template. The software allows for a quick transition from a customer file to a print-ready file. The images, text and barcodes you have can be customized to your preferred size, colors and layout. This is possible by loading a record from a CSV database. Rule-based validation capabilities check the database and, if necessary, flag the possibility of print problems. The VDP module allows data to be expanded directly into a Step & Repeat template. The result is a fully stepped and repeatable print-ready mockup file.

And if you’re interested in preparing materials for printing, check out how to design and print a label yourself.

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