• June 4, 2021
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BOBST open doors for the packaging industry. This year online

BOBST open doors for the packaging industry. This year online

“We shape the future of the packaging industry” – this is the motto of this year’s open days for the packaging industry. BOBST would like to invite you to them from 7th to 10th June. Online of course.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, who heads the company, regrets the lack of opportunities to meet in reality. At the same time he encourages to active participation in open days, to ask questions and to joint discussion on the future of Polish packaging industry.

Four thematic days

The event is planned for four days and each of them will be dedicated to a different sector related to the packaging industry. The programme includes webinars and presentations on new technologies for label production, flexible packaging, solid and corrugated board. The role of the experts present at the meetings will be to present the most important issues in the optimisation of the production process.

Białe opakowanie na różowym tle
(photo: Prasert Krainukul / Moment / Getty Images)

Monday will be dedicated to the label industry. Flexible packaging is scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday will be a thematic day with solid board processing. Thursday’s topic of the day will be corrugated board.

BOBST invites participants to learn more about the solutions they implement at their company: being po(d)connected, digitalization, automation and sustainability. The entire event is to be streamed online also in English.

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