Introduce your design to your client with a mockup!

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Mockups help the client to see the real picture of the ordered project and make corrections in time, and the designer to present the effects of work in a clear form.

Sometimes it can be difficult for the client to imagine how the logo will look like on the company materials, how the advertising graphics will look in public space and how the website will look in use. In this situation mockup will be an invaluable help!

What is a mockup anyway?

It’s nothing else than a visualization in the form of a photo or 3D model that is supposed to show the client how the logo design, product or website might look like in reality. Well prepared mockup can make your client look at the project more favorably and decide to cooperate with you

It’s also a great way to present the product before the work is finalized. Thanks to that you can make a preliminary assessment of the project and make necessary corrections without incurring additional costs. Mockup allows to keep visual coherence of all elements, for example advertising campaign or corporate style.

Ready-made mockups can be downloaded from special, free and paid online databases, such as: Mockupworld, Mockup Catalog, Freepik, Freebiesbug, Pixeden and others. This is the fastest and easiest way.

However, if the ready-made templates do not suit your needs, you can create the mockup yourself using software such as Photoshop, but also Mockup Builder, GoMockingbird or Adobe Illustrator. However, this is time-consuming and requires some graphic editing skills.

Where are mockups used?

Templates are actively used by freelancers, artists and designers who want to present their work to clients in the best possible way. Designers like to use mockups to create:

  • logos;
  • visual identities
  • print products;
  • applications and websites;
  • uniforms;
  • advertisements, promotional materials and campaigns;
  • branding gadgets and gifts.

Mockups in web design

With templates, a web designer can show the client how the different elements of the future website will look like, as well as how it will look on laptops, tablets and cell phones. In this case, mockups help to properly:

  • place content on the page;
  • choose fonts and their size
  • define the color palette for the site;
  • select the most appropriate photos, graphics, illustrations and videos.

This significantly simplifies the whole design process and allows you to minimize the number of corrections and changes at later stages of website creation.

How to work with ready-made mockup?

After downloading the package with the template, you need to find the file in PSD format and open it in Photoshop. Find the layer named “Your design here”. When you click the icon of this layer, a window will open where you can upload your photo. In the template, you can often change photos, background and color, add shadows. Objects can be rotated and moved. Adjust them according to your needs and client’s requirements, but take care not to degrade the quality of the image.

A well-prepared template has many layers, so everything can be edited quite quickly and simply, even with basic graphic knowledge.

The difficulty in working with pre-made mockups comes mainly from the choice of template. This can be the most difficult and time-consuming task of the whole process. It is important that the packaging, brochures, mugs, caps, bags or other gadgets on the mockup are similar to the ones the client plans to use. Otherwise, the presentation loses its meaning.

Main photo: Anthony Shkraba/

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