SEO positioning vs. paid advertising campaign

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In the modern world based on e-commerce, it is hard to find a better tool to fight low popularity of a website than SEO – according to Louisville SEO specialists. This process, despite its high technical complexity and multi-step analysis of previous actions, is characterized by the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Many entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, find IdoSell SEO a much better and cheaper choice in the long run than using paid campaigns based on sponsored articles, content marketing and others. This is a form of SEO that has become popular enough that you will find it offered by most SEO agencies such as Louisville SEO company, SEO in New Orleans and many others. 

Does SEO positioning pay off?

Talking to a Las Vegas SEO expert, we learned that SEO for PrestaShop and other CMS has one primary goal – to increase a website’s visibility over others by improving its position in Google search results. This process is a multi-stage one and involves hundreds of individual steps, including modifying the source code or taking care of the visual aspect of the e-store. The position of a given website in SERPs is always determined by the Google algorithm, which analyzes all the data obtained from indexing robots. These robots visit every publicly available website and collect all data necessary to determine the Page Rank. The Las Vegas SEO expert reminds us that, above all, the premise of SEO efforts is to meet all the guidelines of the algorithm in the most precise and compliant way possible.

Advantages of SEO positioning

Webmaster SEO in New Orleans tells us – SEO positioning has a lot of advantages and it is advisable to know all of them before you start working with a particular agency. All the advantages are very important for an entrepreneur who treats e-commerce as a main or side income source. Among the advantages of positioning is worth mentioning

  • the possibility of reaching a huge group of new customers,
  • greater comfort of use by Internet users,
  • greater confidence in the eyes of potential interested parties,
  • much greater possibilities of website development,
  • and many others.

The most important goal of interactive agencies such as Louisville SEO, or SEO in New Orleans is to get to the top of the search results. However, this does not always make sense. In the case of very popular key phrases, such as “men’s shoes” or “used cars”, the competition is so fierce that reaching the top position requires a huge financial outlay, which does not always pay off.

Paid campaigns as a substitute for positioning – does it make sense?

Paid advertising campaigns, whether in Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram, are primarily aimed at a quick, but also quite short-term increase in the popularity of a selected website – explains Las Vegas SEO expert. Sponsored articles and other varieties of content marketing work similarly, but their effectiveness stands at a high level only for the duration of their operation. However, they are a good supplement of positioning. Why? Because Google’s algorithm pays attention to, among other things, links which have been placed on another website and lead to our website.

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  • Nick Goosewell 26.07.2022

    I can’t say much about SEO because I’ve been using ad campaigns since the very beginning of the website. The hint came from a promotions associate who urged me to audit Google Ads, and somehow it took hold. Obviously I’m happy with the service, otherwise I wouldn’t have used it for several months now. A Google Ads audit – seems beneficial to me, if only because of the factual, upfront analysis and correction of errors in the site, and then the implementation of a campaign that brings in customers and does not require a huge outlay of money. Although this is probably related to the size of the business, and my site is not one of the largest – for me, a medium-sized business is perfectly sufficient. I can recommend Google Ads, it’s good advertising that just does what we assume. Choosing Google Ads audit you certainly will not regret, in any case I certainly do not.

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