Why register a trademark and design?

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Registering marks and designs are great ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. It is also a good way to protect your brand. In this text, you will learn why this decision is worthwhile

What is a trade mark and a design?

A trademark is a distinction that distinguishes the products or services of one company from another. It is used to identify a brand visually. It makes a brand stand out in the marketplace. It can be any original distinction that is allowed by law. For example, it is often a logo, a name or a graphic symbol. These are the traditional types of trademarks. Some also register them in sound, space or as scents and colors. However, this is a very small percentage of all claims

Industrial design refers to the appearance and design of a product. It concerns its external form. It is often more appreciated than its quality itself. It must have an individual and novel character. Various shapes of toys or furniture are often registered in this form. Individual types of clothing and footwear are also registered. They are also, for example, car parts, large structures or even product labels

Benefits of having a trade mark

There are many advantages to registering a trademark. It is worthwhile to decide to do so. First, it makes you the real owner of the company’s brand. It will protect you in case of theft. You can relate if someone uses your trademark illegally in the future. In addition, your business name becomes protected in Poland or the European Union. You then gain a monopoly extended to the entire country. Ordinary registration of a company protects it only locally, for example in a given province

This will also make it easier for you to do business with foreign partners. You gain more respect in the international arena. The field of your activities is enlarged. It is also a good way to compete with other companies. With this, you create your own visual identity that differentiates you in the market. People pay more attention to businesses that operate in a professional manner. By registering a trademark, you get protection for such and similar distinctions. Your business through this will become individual as well as unique

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A logo influences brand recall. Professionally designed, it emphasizes professionalism and character of a given business. It is an important investment that helps in sales. Creating the right logo affects others’ perception of your brand

When someone infringes on your trademark, you can claim special compensation. This action also helps you to protect your web domain with your name. It is also very financially rewarding. Studies show that entrepreneurs who have registered trademarks earn more revenue.

Pros of registering your own design

Design registration is a lesser known form. However, it is important because many customers pay attention to the appearance of products. Their protection is obtained by registering them with the relevant office. By doing so, you will avoid the creation of similar goods and the one of yours will become unique. This makes a great impression on your competitors and effectively dissuades them from the idea of copying your products. Additionally, thanks to such action you become a formal owner of rights to a given item. Industrial designs are often the option chosen by companies because it is easier than obtaining a patent for an invention

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