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Everything you need to know about lamination

Paper lamination protects important documents from dust or moisture. What should you know about lamination?
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The biggest advantages of duplex printing

What are the advantages of duplex printing and is it always worth it to have a duplex printer?
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How do you ship and package packages organically?

Going green is an absolute must today. Did you know that you can also ship and pack packages ecologically? Check
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Knowledge base 17 February 2021

3D printing – find out its biggest advantages and disadvantages

3D printing is growing at a dizzying pace, so today we're going to take a look at its biggest advantages,
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Anti-slip prints – what to look for?

Non-slip prints, applied to the floor, will guarantee you a firm ground under your feet. Plus, it's a great addition
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What is polygraphy and what does a polygrapher do at work?

Why isn't every printer a polygraph and what can you outsource to a print shop? Check it out in our
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What is the solvent printing technique?

What is solvent printing and what projects can it be used for? We invite you to read!
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Printing 18 January 2021

What is a plotter and who can it be useful to?

Wondering what a plotter actually is, what it can be used for and in which industries it is essential? Read
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Ballpoint or ink pen? Convenience vs. tradition

A pen for absolutely everyone. A condensed guide to choosing the right one.
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What is the best printer paper? Types and weights

The type of printer paper matters. Find out why and what weight to choose for your device
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