printing techniques

Artistic 28 July 2021

Poster printing – what paper and type of printing to choose?

Want to start selling your own posters or print advertising for your business? See which paper and printing technique to
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Printing 27 July 2021

Triple flyer – what is it and who can it be useful for?

Triple leaflet for special tasks. In what industries will it be used? Check it out!
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A forgotten profession. What exactly does a bookbinder do?

What does a bookbinder do and is it really a profession without a future? We answer.
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Flexographic printing, or relief printing and its application

What is relief printing? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What can you use it for? Answers in our article.
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Signboards and billboards. What to pay attention to?

How to choose a signboard and advertising board for our company? Some simple tips that will make the decision easier.
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How to effectively advertise printing services online?

No matter what industry you're in, it's hard to stay in business without effective advertising. Find out what you should
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Laser engraving versus mechanical engraving

Laser engraving vs. mechanical engraving. Which engraving method will pay off more?
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How to choose the right form of printing?

Which printing technique is best for your advertising campaign? We advise you!
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Edible prints? Why not!

Are you dreaming of a cake with a beautiful picture or photo? Edible prints are achievable at home, but it
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Pad printing or screen printing. What to choose for product marking?

Looking to brand a pen or t-shirt? Learn about pad printing and screen printing methods and which is the best
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