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Poster printing – what paper and type of printing to choose?

Want to start selling your own posters or print advertising for your business? See which paper and printing technique to
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Printing 20 July 2021

Why opt for a family session?

Good with family only in pictures? We suggest whether a family session is a good idea and how to expose
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Matte or glossy photos? It depends!

Matte or glossy? We explain how paper type affects photo printing and which choice is better. Check it out.
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How to store paper so that it does not lose its quality?

Can improper paper storage affect paper quality? Yes, so check how to do it correctly!
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News 4 June 2021

BOBST open doors for the packaging industry. This year online

Open days for the packaging industry. Find out why you should virtually visit BOBST in just a few days!
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An album full of memories. How to create a photo book?

Would you like to display your favourite photos in an interesting way? We tell you how to create a photo
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Mohawk Eggshell, or matte paper like an eggshell!

How to get interesting visual effects on photo prints? Opt for a paper with an unusual structure!
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Edible prints? Why not!

Are you dreaming of a cake with a beautiful picture or photo? Edible prints are achievable at home, but it
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News 22 April 2021

Safe paper. Innovation using microfibres

Is it possible to secure printed documents so that they do not fall into the wrong hands? New technology shows
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How do you save money on printing for your business?

Saving money on printing for your business is based on a few simple tricks you should know. Don't be afraid
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