What features should an effective advertising flyer have?

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It is increasingly being said that flyers are becoming obsolete. However, this form of promotion is still effective if we follow a few rules and create flyers thoughtfully, having in mind specific activities that we want to encourage the recipients to do.

A flyer has a specific purpose. It is supposed to inform about your company, promotion or action. It has to make you curious and then call you to action. However, before you start thinking about creating a well prepared marketing flyer, determine the target group. For a given group, you will choose a completely different font, graphics, or the use of, for example, youth slang

First of all – the size of your flyer

The shape and size of your flyer is the first aspect that we pay attention to. If it is made in an interesting form, e.g. when advertising anti-wrinkle cream we create a leaflet in a form of a product packaging, it is more likely that consumers will get interested in it, take it and read it. A flyer created in the form of an invitation works well, as it immediately catches the eye of the recipient.

The standard size of a flyer that you will most often see is A5 format, but the example mentioned above can help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Secondly – good graphic design

The look of a flyer is the aspect we pay attention to most and form our own opinion about a company or a product. Background, colors, subtitles and graphics determine the visual attractiveness of an advertising brochure, but at the same time keep it in moderation. Excess is not advisable here. An important element of the leaflet are high quality photographs, which will attract the attention of recipients. It is also a good idea to use, for example, a map that makes it easier to get to the company or store

Thirdly – the text

Go for quality here, not quantity. Remember that in the age of the Internet recipients are accustomed to as little text as possible, which in turn is made up for by a good graphic design, which is often an addition to the content. All you need is a few concise sentences that fully describe your proposed solution. Don’t forget to add clear contact information as well. Avoid formulating the content as a list.

source: pixabay.com

Fourth – catchy slogan

On a flyer, the name of the company is not as important as a good advertising slogan that will interest its recipients. Create a good slogan because it will be identified with your brand. Everyone who thinks of the Żywiec brand immediately has in his or her mind their slogan “I chce się Ż”. Speak the language of benefits. Play with words and inspire to action. At the same time, show your strengths and advantages.

Fifth – discount codes

Feel like a customer who has a leaflet in his hand. He holds it and wonders “why should I use it?”. This is where additional benefits work well, such as information that with this flyer you will buy a product 5% off. We live in times of high competition, so a flyer won’t work if you don’t promise your customers something.

Sixth – call to action

Use such phrases that the customer will understand after reading. This is where phrases like: “come and take advantage of the promotion”, “call us”. Remember about a clear and specific call to action. So that the potential customer knows what to do after getting acquainted with your advertising leaflet.

What else?

If you want to approach the task very professionally, also consider a better paper (standard 350g paper is used, but nowadays there are many options. Also consider UV varnish or matte foil finishing and font selection that will match the quality of your flyer.

In conclusion, remember that the language of benefits and indicating specifics in the flyer can determine your competitive advantage. The more creative you can be with your flyer, the more likely it is that your flyer will not end up in the trash right away.

source of main image: pexels.com

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